Waste King 9930 Review

Waste King 9930 Waste Disposer

The Waste King 9930 is a cheap but efficient 1/2 HP garbage disposal. As long as you don’t have a lot of tough food waste it is a good choice. The price is very reasonable, giving you very good value for the money.

It features rust free grinding components. The swivel impellers are made of stainless steel and the grinding chamber is made of glass filled nylon. It is also backed by a lifetime corrosion warranty, so one can assume that Waste King is confident that rust will not be a problem.

The Waste King 9930 features a powerful 2600 RPM vortex motor. It has a front mounted reset button and a dishwasher connection. The 9930 is safe to use with properly sized septic tanks.

The 9930 garbage disposer is easy to install, no special tools or skills are needed but you may need some plumber’s putty. It uses the 3-Bolt Mount System. If you prefer EZ Mount System, the Waste King L-2600 is the right garbage disposal for you. Here you can learn more about the Waste King L-2600.

The Waste King 9930 is backed by a 5-year in-home service warranty as well as a lifetime corrosion warranty. You get a (36 inch) power cord with the 9930 garbage disposer. A removable splash guard is also included with the Waste King 9930.


  • Efficient
  • Very good value for the money


  • No major shortcomings

Waste King 9930 Specifications

Volts 115 V
Amps 4.5 A
Hertz 6O Hz
Motor Horsepower 1/2 hp
Feed Type Continuous feed
Grind Chamber Material Glass-filled polyester
Grind Ring Stainless Steel
Swivel Impellers Stainless Steel
Turntable Stainless Steel
Grinder Speed 2600 RPM
Installation Type 3-bolt mounting
Drain Connection 7/8 in.
Width 7 3/4 inches
Height 13 5/8 inches
Dishwasher Hookup Yes
Shipping Weight 10.7 lbs.

Waste King 9930 Dimensions

What the Customers Say About the Waste King 9930
The customers have given the Waste King 9930 an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. In other words, the customers were happy with their 9930 garbage disposal. Most customers said that the Waste King 9930 offered very good value for the money.

No problems with jams were reported but some users found it a little bit louder than they had expected. On the other hand, other customers said that the 9930 was quiet! No one was really disturbed by the noise but if you want a super quiet garbage disposer, then the Waste King 9930 is not the best waste disposer for you.

Here are some customer remarks:

“Amazon had this model which was a higher end model than the Badger for about the same price. This thing was easy to install (I am not a plumber and have very little plumbing experience), is remarkably quiet compared to our previous model, and has several mounting options. Very good little machine.”

“Quieter than the contractor grade disposal it replaced. Complete kit, easy to install. Great warranty. Highly recommended. You won’t go wrong with one of these for light household use.”

“Powerful unit for it’s size. Slightly noisy during operation but quite acceptable for it’s strength. Installation as easy as any other standard unit with no surprises. Would purchase again over an Insinkerator.”

“This disposer is so much better than the two previous to it. It is so quiet, quick, and energy efficient, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a low cost, high quality disposer.”

Customer remarks have been paraphrased to save space.

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Waste King 9930 Waste Disposer Review Summary

If you are looking for a good 1/2 HP garbage disposer and you want good value for your money, then you should have a closer look at the Waste King 9930. It is efficient and can manage all normal food waste. Low price and five years warranty, what else could you ask for?

You can buy the Waste King 9930 from Amazon.com, taking advantage of Amazon’s low prices and excellent customer service. Click here to go to Amazon.com

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