Best Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals, also known as garbage disposers or waste disposers, are simple devices but that does not mean that all garbage disposals are created equal. You have two types of garbage disposers, continuous feed and batch feed. The batch feed model is safe, it does not operate unless the lid is closed. This construction makes it impossible to get stuck with fingers in the grinding chamber. But the continuous feed model is more convenient. Almost all of the best-selling garbage disposals are continuous feed disposers.

Good garbage disposals have anti-jam features and are quiet. Cheap disposers lack such features and the grinding chamber may start to rust after a few years. A quality garbage disposal has a grinding chamber made of stainless steel (sometimes labeled as corrosion proof metal), cheaper disposers use corrosion resistant metal. Note that Waste King uses glass filled polyester in many of their waste disposers, it has proven to be a very good material.

Garbage disposals come in different size. But we are not referring to the physical size, instead we are talking about the amount of horsepower the disposer has. Of course, the physical size is important, some of the most powerful garbage disposals are large and may not fit under your sink. Make sure that you have enough space under the sink before you buy a large disposal.

Small waste disposers usually have 1/3 or 0.5 horsepower. Such small garbage disposals are generally good enough for small households without much food waste and no tough food waste. For most households a 0.75 HP model is good enough. But if you have a lot of food waste or a lot of tough food waste, you may prefer to buy a 1 HP unit. Often the difference in price is small.

Two companies, Waste King and InSinkErator, dominate the US market. Should you buy a Waste King or an InSinkerator garbage disposer? As a rule of thumb, if you want good value for your money, buy a Waste King waste disposer. If you don’t worry too much about money and want a good garbage disposer, buy one of InSinkErator’s top models.

The Waste King L-8000 has been a best-seller for a long time. The reason is very simple, you get very good value for your money. It is very powerful but quiet waste disposer. Here you can read more about the Waste King L-8000

The best garbage disposer is arguably the InSinkErator Evolution Excel. It is expensive but it is an excellent disposal. Since you can expect it to work at least for ten years, it can be worth paying a little bit extra to get the best solution. Here you can read more about the InSinkErator Evolution Excel.

If you want a good 0.5 waste disposer, the Waste King L-2600 is worth having a closer look at. It is cheap but still a very good disposal. Here you can read more about the Waste King L-2600 Waste Disposer

If you want a good batch feed garbage disposal, we recommend the InSinkErator Cover Control waste disposer. Here you can read more about the InSinkErator Cover Control. Batch feed disposers are not as convenient to use as the continuous feed models but they are safer. You can’t get stuck with your fingers in a batch feed garbage disposer. If you have small children, you may prefer the safety of a batch feed model.

The garbage disposal is sometimes attacked for not being environmentally friendly. This can seem strange since most manufacturers of waste disposers market them as an environmentally friendly solution. A lot of people think that garbage disposals create more environmental problems than they solve. But in some European countries, households are encouraged to install garbage disposers. The reason for this is because the authorities think that it is an environmentally friendly solution for the food waste problem. Here you can learn more about the topic: are garbage disposals environmentally friendly

Not everyone is aware that food waste is a big problem. A lot of food waste end up in landfills. Unfortunately, when food rots it produces methane, a greenhouse gas. Huge amounts of food is thrown away each day, food waste is the second large type waste that ends up in landfills. Here you can learn more about the problems created by food waste

Garbage disposals are simple to use and require very little ongoing maintenance. But you need to pay attention what you put into your garbage disposer. Not all disposals can handle difficult food waste such as fibrous vegetables. Here you can read more about garbage disposal maintenance

Many think that composting is the best way of getting rid of food waste. It is a natural process so it is environmentally friendly and you can’t really fail at it. But of course, if you want go results, you need to know a couple of things about composting. Nowadays, you have a number of good solutions for composting even if you don’t live on the countryside. Here you can learn more about composting

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